Try delicacies with summer fruits and pasta classics

Choose from our rich selection of summer cakes and desserts.

In addition to the beautiful weather, July also gave us many great recipes for sweet treats from your kitchens that you added to our website.

We pick at least a few homemade treats that are worth trying. Naturally, we have desserts with fresh, summer fruits, but in July you will also bake many cakes with yeast dough, and you will also find some coconut sweets or, for example, an excellent walnut cake, the so-called Foam nut. .

Cakes belongs to flight! Especially those with fresh sweet fruits. Try this beautiful treat with strawberries.

Great, quick, easy, strawberry cake :))

If you feel like it a refreshing dessertdefinitely try this juicy peach slice.

Excellent peach slices suitable for entertaining and for festive occasions :))

Nut cake with a catchy name. It’s great!

Walnut cake with foam topping.

Inspiration from Polish cuisine, which is special with fresh summer fruit. Of course you can add the fruits you like the most.

For fans of windmills, now in cake form.

If you like nutella, this homemade pastries of soft leavened dough with a filling of this popular nut-chocolate will please you.

Excellent, fermented buns in the shape of roses are very interesting to look at :))

refreshing summer cheesecake with blueberries and chocolate.

Seasonal fruit in a delicious dessert. Soft and beautifully supple.

Raspberry piethat tastes as good as it looks.

Among the summer snacks must be honest baked buns. These are just like grandma’s.

A great childhood memory snack. Your kids will definitely like them too.

You already tried poppy bubble? I’m perfect!

Fresh summer slices – cups.

A great dessert inspired by the famous peanut bar. The perfect treat!

A great cheesecake inspired by the famous peanut bar.

Summer brownies with fruit and cottage cheese. You have to try this one.

The cake is small and very tasty.

refreshing pudding dessert with a lemon flavor, perfectly refreshing even on hot days.

Lemon slices with sour lemon flavor

These coconut slices fall in love thanks to the simple preparation without baking.

Unbaked slices inspired by the famous coconut bar.

Simple cake with fresh fruit and cottage cheese. What more could you want from summer?

The time when apricots are in season, so I offer you a simple and quick cake.

Good bubbles there is never enough. However?

A great, beautiful and simple cake.

Feather rolls like a cake The perfect treat!

A great sweet lunch or dessert made from fresh plums.

Sweet, summery fast food

In the summer we don’t want to stand in the kitchen for a long time and bake difficult cakes. Therefore, try these quick dessert recipes that will also pleasantly refresh you on hot days.

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Written: 10/08/2022

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