Try these quick summer desserts

In the summer we don’t want to stand in the kitchen for a long time and bake complicated cakes. Therefore, try these quick dessert recipes that will also pleasantly refresh you on hot days. Their advantage is that you can constantly make them in different variations and thanks to that you will always improve them in some way.

Shaken cake

Just a few years ago, shake cakes were a huge hit. They were very easy to prepare and combined all the favorite flavors from desserts. You can always add other fruits to them or color the whipped cream with cocoa and you can prepare them in different alternatives.

In the basic recipe, a ready-made corpus is used, which shortens the preparation time. If you want to have everything homemade, prepare a sponge dough in advance, which you put in a cake mold or on a classic baking sheet. When it cools, you can start making the cream part.

For the cream, you use a simple ratio of ingredients – 1 whipping cream, 1 powdered pudding prepared cold and 1 can/cup of sterilized fruit. Tangerines are most often used in the cake, but you can add any juicy fruit there. If you had a larger baking sheet, simply multiply the ratio of the ingredients. Now pour the cream, pudding and compote with juice into a sealable container and start shaking it. You will gradually feel how everything thickens and cream is created. Stir it again with a wooden spoon. First cover the body with jam, add cream and decorate the top with chocolate shavings.

For example, try this summer shake cake with fresh strawberries:

The cake is excellent, quick to prepare, suitable for Sundays or festive…

Ice cream cake

There are several recipes for iced cakes. The easiest way is to buy ready-made ice cream and leave it for a while in the kitchen, so that it softens and is easier to work with. Then layer the different types in some form covered with foil. You can pour melted chocolate over the top, but it’s not very hot anymore. Then put it in the freezer and cut it into pieces. The second alternative is to make the base part as a cheesecake. So take butter crackers, crush them and mix them with butter. Put either homemade ice cream on top, which you will layer and let it freeze with each additional layer, or ready-made, which you just spread.

A simple ice cream cake with your favorite sweets:

A refreshing delicacy with caramel sauce.

If you dare to do something more difficult, make an acquaintance Alaskan cake. Bake the body in the shape of a serving plate. Layer three types of ice cream in a round bowl with the same diameter and let them freeze into a hemisphere. Traditionally, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are used, but you can choose any other favorite flavors. When the ice cream is already solid, place the body on the bottom, carefully place a cold layer on top and then put whipped snow on top of the ice cream. Put it in the oven for a short time, so that the snow gets a nice color. If you don’t dare, use a solar gun.

No-bake cream cake

You can’t forget the Slovak classic either. Creamy no-bake cake is very easy to make and you can always improve it with some other fruit. You can make it in a cake mold or in glasses for everyone. Spread the sponge cakes on the bottom and cover them with the juice from the compote. If you are using fresh fruit, pour some coffee on it. Scatter pieces of fresh fruit over them. Mix the sour cream with white and vanilla sugar and pour it on the sponge layer. Alternate them in this way up to the top of the mold.

Or try this beautiful and delicious no-bake Charlotte:

No-bake cake with pudding and cherries.


A popular cold and quick dessert is tiramisu. Its principle of layering is similar to a cream cake. This time on the bottom are long sponge cakes that you dip in coffee mixed with almond liqueur. Now start preparing the cream. Separate the whites from the yolks and beat the snow from them. Mix the yolks together with the sugar until white. Then mix the mascarpone and finally the finished snow. Layer again in this manner up to the top of the container.

This is how a real Italian tiramisu is prepared:

Who does not know the most famous Italian dessert, which has already gone through so many…

Or try Oreo tiramisu in cups:

Slices of “Marina Biscuits”

For this dessert, you should use the thicker Marinade biscuits, not the thin buttery ones. Prepare a mixture of coffee, rum and sweeten it well. You will dip cookies in it, which you will place close one behind the other in a rectangular shape. If children will eat the cake, you can use only sugar syrup. Meanwhile, mix butter with sugar and add cocoa or your favorite jam if you want a fruity dessert. Pour some of the cream on the biscuits and start making several layers like this. Last must be the cream. Put the finished cake in the refrigerator to harden, while the cookies will also soften perfectly.

Or prepare a delicious topping of baby biscuits and fresh strawberries:

No-bake cottage cheese cream

In the summer, a more unconventional version of the beloved kremeŇ° will also come in handy. Use butter cookies instead of dough. Cook a basic pudding that you don’t soften with butter, but with soft cottage cheese. Thanks to this, the cream will have a pleasant sour taste. Pour it over the crackers, then add the whipped cream and finally the crackers again. If you want, you can cover them with chocolate coating. Let the cake harden in the fridge.

No-bake cream with sour berries:

Fresh dessert with coffee

Fruit crumbles

We have a large amount of fruit available all summer long. You can make a delicious cake out of it very quickly, which does not cost you much effort. Cut all the fruits into slightly larger pieces, put them in a baking dish, mix them with a little sugar and spread them in one layer. Now prepare the crumble. Make it either classic with white flour or a healthier version with spelled flour, or with a mixture of oat flour. Crumble the finished dough over the fruit and bake in the oven. Scoop the warm fruit into a bowl and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Fit a fruit dessert with sprinkles – crumble:

A simple fruit cake without dough.


If you’re in the mood for a hot summer cake, bublanina is sure to be your favorite. Thanks to it, you can use basically any fresh fruit and you can improve it with, for example, ice cream, pieces of chocolate or cottage cheese. Choose your dream combination and you have your favorite dessert ready very quickly.

These bubbles are definitely not boring…

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