We have selected healthy recipes for you from breakfast to dessert!

Today is health day, so we have prepared for you a selection of healthy recipes from our online cookbook.

World Health Day (World Health Day), declared in 1950 by the World Health Organization (WHO), takes place on April 7 every year. This date is traditionally accompanied by global events focusing on the annually announced theme. This year’s theme for World Health Day is Our Planet, Our Health.

Although World Health Day is today, we should take care of our health all year round and give it the best from rest, exercise to diet.

Rest is important for our body

Work, stress, little rest and lack of sleep are factors that lead to exhaustion of the body and thus we are more susceptible to diseases, from the flu to more serious diseases.

Rest can mean getting enough sleep, but also engaging in a favorite activity. Your body needs both physical and mental rest. Find time every day to take a walk in nature or practice yoga. It’s important to do what you enjoy.

You can try this effective and really fast exercise plan at home, which consists of three different exercises, the basis of which is walking. >> EXERCISE PLAN AT HOME

Proper nutrition

Last but not least is proper nutrition. This means eating a healthy and balanced diet in adequate amounts.

Our diet should be based mainly on foods rich in nutrients and contain a high proportion of vegetables, fruits, cereals, foods containing protein such as seafood, lean meat, eggs and oils.

Do not forget, our diet should also contain fiber, which supports the activity of the intestines and thus improves digestion.

Avoid eating unhealthy foods and additives (saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars and sodium). It is important to limit fried foods, fast food snacks, snacks with high sugar content and avoid excessive salting.

And because it’s best to put the theory into practice, we’ve prepared for you a list of foods that are healthier and certainly tempting. They taste delicious!

In our selection you will find healthy recipes from breakfast to desserts.

A healthy breakfast

Banana cup with pomegranate and granola: beautifully colored and full of flavours. It is prepared once or twice.

A nutritious breakfast or dessert…

Banana fritters with yogurt and honey: simple, filling and above all healthy.

A suitable cottage cheese avocado spread: a great combination of delicious cheese and avocado in a healthy spread.

You only need three ingredients and basic spices for this quick, amazing…

Buckwheat porridge with yogurt and fruit: we love porridge for breakfast. Saturates and provides energy for the whole morning.

Polygon was originally the food of the poor, today it is recognized as one of the healthiest…

Cheese bowl (up to 55g of protein per serving): a bowl full of protein for young and old.

Protein breakfast or healthy dessert.

False cod: have you tried this proper version yet? Don’t hesitate, she is great.

A healthier version without artificial additives and preservatives.

A healthy lunch

Chicken pieces with turmeric, ginger, vegetables and spelled dough: quick, easy and delicious.

A delicious, nutritious lunch ready within an hour. Mildly spicy juicy chicken…

Baked cauliflower with chicken and sausage (only 210 calories per serving): no more counting calories, we’ve done it for you.

Cream of Spinach: for lunch or dinner. A great tip for a quick healthy meal.

It’s not a stew or a sauce. This partially steamed spinach is perfect as a…

Cauliflower-chickpea curry with cheese and cashews: balanced flavors that you will surely like.

Vegetarian food with Indian inspiration, full of proteins and combinations of many…

Spinach pancakes with cottage cheese: rich, colorful and also fit.

Spinach pancakes can be made both sweet and savory.

Fresh salad from Chinese cabbage with carrots and radishes: a delicious breakfast, side dish and dinner. You will love this salad.

Chinese cabbage is extremely healthy and fresh. When you combine it with other vegetables and load…

A healthy dinner

Buckwheat meatballs: great food for the whole family.

Delicious vegetable meatballs, to which boiled buckwheat adds…

Salmon with miso butter: fish must not be missing in our diet. Try this simple recipe.

Fermented miso paste is popular not only in Asia, but thanks to its positive effects on health…

Pumpkin-carrot bread with feta: homemade bread prepared from healthy ingredients.

Juicy bread that is soft even the next day:

Spaghetti with grilled tomatoes and pumpkin: we love pasta because of its quick and easy preparation. You can add anything you like to them. Today we tried grilled tomatoes and zucchini.

A quick and easy lunch ready in 15 minutes.

Grilled tempeh with quinoa salad and eggplant: it can also be made without meat. And tempeh is proof of that.

Fresh lunch for lovers of healthy food. Delicious, quick and healthy. Tempeh is available…

Grilled chicken breast with cauliflower rice: great, juicy and crunchy at the same time. Replace classic rice with cauliflower.

A delicious lunch that is in no way inferior to the traditional one,…

Polygon risotto with beetroot: colorful and full of health. This risotto is divine!

A healthy dinner that you will love not only because of its beautiful color.

A healthy dessert

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies: it can also be eaten healthier and can also be with chocolate.

A quick and healthy snack. Hum!

Chocolate tofu cream in the Japanese way: goodness from Japanese cuisine.

Did you know that tofu can be used not only for savory dishes, but also to prepare sweet desserts? IN…

Protein Pancakes: they provide energy, satiate and taste good.

Protein pancakes with chia seeds.

Protein millionaire cuts: familiar cuts in an improved version.

A well-known dessert in a healthier but equally delicious version.

Fitness muffin with yogurt: even a cake can be suitable. Convince yourself.

For a healthier breakfast when there are many hungry people at home.

Nutty Carrot Cake: nuts are good for our body, so include them in your desserts.

Snacking can be tasty, sweet and healthy at the same time. In addition to healthy main dishes, try these low-calorie gluten-free desserts.

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