You have to try these! BEST DESSERTS of the last month

August surprised with delicate cuts, but I with classics like wasp nests or cupcakes.

Summer is coming to an end and you can tell by the types of sweet treats you prepare. Cakes and desserts full of fresh fruit predominated in June and July, and goodies almost without it dominated August.

Raspberries, strawberries, plums and apples appear here, but the fruit is largely replaced by ingredients such as cottage cheese, cream, chocolate and coffee. And that doesn’t matter at all! We’ll definitely agree that you don’t need to look at the filling for the sweet. However?

In addition, we have an exciting autumn season ahead of us, in which we are sure to bake new and traditional pear and apple pies. Before we get to those, here’s a pick of the best from August.

Plum and poppy seed cake: this great summer cake surpassed all others in popularity in August. Therefore, it opens up our sweet selection.

You can find everything about its preparation in a short video:

Coffee grounds: fluffy cocoa coffee body, coconut pudding cream and chocolate coffee frosting. An ideal dessert to accompany a good cup of coffee.

Fabulous and super smooth coffee slices with soft coconut cream.

Unbaked cake: biscuit body, layer of juicy jaffa cookies, raspberries, pudding filling and chocolate coating. The perfect no-bake soft delight.

A delicious cake inspired by the popular filled cookies.

Cinnamon Snails: or wasps’ nests, which are even sweeter thanks to the fermented dough that presents yogurt. In addition, in this recipe you will learn how to prepare the cinnamon filling so that it does not flow during baking, and in addition, these snails are crowned with a fresh covering of mascarpone and lemon peel. yum!

We don’t often make wasp nests, but when they have to be, then only these. They are amazingly flexible thanks to…

Delicious Plunder Cakes: discover the secret of soft and fluffy dough filled with cottage cheese and homemade jam. These will be gone before they can cool!

A wonderful short pastry filled with cottage cheese and jam. The best dirt…

Fresh strawberry tiramisu: if you like classic tiramisu, try to give its various variations a chance. This strawberry is wonderfully refreshing and very easy to make.

A fresh dessert made for hot days. A delicious version also suitable for children.

Zucchini Gingerbread: the fragrant gingerbread itself is fantastically soft and tender. Try adding grated pumpkin to it and its juiciness will move to a whole new delicious level.

Classic gingerbread, which is even softer thanks to the grated zucchini.

CHOCO CAKE: mug recipe for a classic brownie with pieces of chocolate. What more could you want for an afternoon coffee.

A sweet and beautifully soft cake that you can make in just a minute or two. Cup recipe…

Caramel slices: cocoa body, caramel cream and whipped cream. A perfect combination in excellent, yet simple cuts.

A delicious dessert with caramel flavor…

Apple Pie: a quick strudel made from puff pastry with a rich filling of poppy seeds, shaved apples and this year’s last harvest of raspberries.

Puff pastry strudel with summer apples, poppy seeds and the refreshing taste of raspberries.

Italian corpus: some cake bodies are so delicious that you want to eat them by themselves. That’s just how I am Tlian’s Torta Margherita. A great cookie with a cup of tea.

Like the pizza of the same name, this dessert also seems too ordinary at first glance,…

Extra tip: It’s not technically a cake, but these crispy mini-roasts are a must-try.

Detailed procedure and ingredients in a short video:

Grated pumpkin always makes sweet dough a unique experience

Anyone who once tried adding pumpkin to a pie will be happy to return to this idea. There is one simple reason for this – you cannot imagine a softer dough.

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Written: 04/09/2022

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