15 recipes for the best main dishes of the past year

Simple pork with tarragon, stroganoff, pork chops in sour cream batter. What other main dishes were among the fifteen most searched recipes on the cooking website Varecha.sk?

Simple pork with tarragon.

Photo: varecha.sk

This list will whet your appetite! On the weekend, will you prepare baked potatoes with sauerkraut and minced meat, chicken breast in curry marinade, pork shoulder in the Znojmo style or marinated baked potatoes with chicken from one baking sheet? Or are you interested in another recipe? You can find them all at this link. As a taster, we offer a recipe for simple pork with tarragon.

Simple pork with tarragon

Raw materials:

500 g of pork
1 onion
1-2 cloves of garlic
ground black pepper
ground red pepper

Procedure of the author of the recipe:

1. Mash the meat, add salt and pepper. I fry the meat slices from both sides of the spud in bacon so that the meat will beat. I remove the meat and add chopped onion and garlic to the pie.

2. When the onion and garlic are roasted, I add ground paprika, salt, pepper and cumin, fry a little and add the meat with the juice it released.

3. Water with broth or water. I boil over low heat until soft. I season with linguine.

4. Fry the tarragon in bacon until browned. I pour water and add salt and pepper. Cook on low heat until tender.

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