The Beauty of Simplicity

There is something to be said for simplicity.  I do not know if it is that with age, I have gained wisdom about the calmness that comes with ‘simple’, uncomplicated, uncluttered. I find beauty in simplicity in everything around me—the pure sound of birds waking to the day, the natural wrinkles of linen, white porcelain, a good cup of coffee, blue and white stripes, a cleared desk, espadrilles, a clean uncluttered kitchen, a gentle summer breeze coming through the open window, a glass of cold crystal clear water. To me simplicity is not just about efficiency but about beauty because there is beauty in simplicity. And nowhere is that more visible to me than in nature, especially flowers. 

I grow cut flowers because they look beautiful in the garden but also because I love the beauty in the simple yet beautiful look of the same flowers gathered in bunch. Nothing makes my heart happier than a clear vase and a bunch of roses.  And this year the roses have taken a life of their own and I am thankful for it.  Every time I look at them, I think “I helped them grow and thrive”. I helped create beauty.


Gertrude Jekyll once said “A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.” I whole heartedly agree with this, which is why, to see the final product—that perfect bloom with the ruffled petals, makes me joyous.  That simple vase of roses reminds me that simplicity is the ultimate result of efforts-- it takes times, intentionality and persistent. Simplicity doesn’t just happen; we have to help it along the way. It is one of the many lessons that gardening has taught me.