Eggs and minced meat in 3 fantastic delicacies

Three amazingly delicious and simple recipes for meatloaf filled with eggs.

Minced meat and eggs

These two ingredients come together in one of three delicious and simple dishes that don’t go wrong and are exactly what you put into them.

Choose the meat according to your own preferences. Thanks to the higher fat content, the pork will be nicely crispy on the surface and soft on the inside. Beef, on the other hand, will provide a firmer structure and a more pronounced flavor that doesn’t need too much seasoning. But you can also choose for a combination of them or even for minced poultry meat.

Choose the eggs yourself in the highest possible quality. If you don’t have access to homemade eggs, choose better quality straight from the supermarket. Free-range, with bright yellow eggs or XL eggs, which sound beautiful in a meatloaf and will make an equal partner to meat.

These are simple dishes. And that’s why it’s good choose the right ingredients that together create the most delicious fusions.

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Meatloaf with egg

A traditional, fragrant, slightly crispy roll filled with egg.

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Meatball stuffed with herb fried rice

Meatball stuffed with herb fried rice

An aromatic roll of minced meat, filled with herbs is perfect…

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Meatballs filled with eggs

Meatballs filled with eggs

Scotch eggs will surprise you with their delicacy and fill you up. They lack perfection…

Minced meat, thanks to its quick preparation, can also be used as a quick dinner. Here are 5 recipes that will surely inspire you:

Minced meat delicacies

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