Impressive zebra pattern in fluffy muffins, simple cake and no-bake dessert

Beautiful desserts that highlight the colorful layers of the same base.

The zebra pattern is quite widespread in the flour world. It looks great and turns even the most ordinary cake into a luxurious looking dessert.

At first glance, it might seem like a difficult pastry technique that requires years of practice and a lot of time. Know that the opposite is true.

Whether it is layering the dough or the filling, in both cases you just need to divide the mixed mixture in half and color one part with cocoa. After that, it’s a simple matter of alternating pale and dark mix. You can use a tablespoon, spoon or measuring cup. Always pour the dough or filling into the center of the previous layer. One color will gradually push the other to the edges of the cake form and then the layers will build the cake according to the desired zebra pattern.

This is exactly how the following zebra desserts from our online cookbook are created:

Zebra Muffins: small, delicious cookies that will please the little ones especially thanks to the playful colors in the cut. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they also have a wonderful taste, which lends them not only cocoa, but also butter and vanilla.

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Zebra muffins

Simple cookies with a nice pattern.

Unbaked cake: this beautiful cake will surprise you not only with its simple preparation, but also with a minimum of ingredients. Cream and condensed milk make up the filling, and the body is made of biscuits and butter. The recipe itself reveals how to create a zebra pattern:

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No Bake Zebra Cake

A beautiful dessert that any amateur confectioner can handle and what’s more, without…

Zebra cake: and a baked classic among the multicolored cakes. This cake looks like it was baked by a professional pastry chef and is really easy to make. If you haven’t tried it, definitely give it a chance.

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Zebra cake

A visually stunning but beautifully simple cookie.

Two-colored sweets

Cakes, desserts and sponge cakes in two colors are visually and taste appealing.

No Bake Zebra Cake

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