rating april and... spring has finally arrived!


My friends, I do believe spring is FINALLY arrived in Minnesota! After the longest winter in the history of the earth since the Ice Age, we have temperatures above 40F, birds are singing and my tulips are blooming! 

It all kicked off on Friday and the weekend just got better!  It did wonders for my motivation and it was fantastic to just go out there and sweat it out! Even better-- it was fantastic not having to run wearing layers like a marshmallow man.  Tank top and shorts it was! Ahhh!!! I needed this so much!

Now, for my April rating... oy, one word comes to mind-- SUCKY.  If you have read my two previous posts, you know that I have been struggling bigly (sorry, I had to...lol) with my running.  But you were all so generous and supportive with your comments.  After reading them, I realized that probably I put way too much pressure on myself for my first half marathon, instead of focusing on having fun as to remember my "first" with fondness and to come back for more. So, I set aside my GPS watch and have been running for fun.  I can tell when my body is going at the right pace based on exertion, and I have enjoyed my runs much more.

I love all the comments I received but one, in response to my weight frustration and dealing with my hypothyroidism, especially struck a cord for me. Judy from ChocolateRunsJudy  wrote: You are not your body. You are so much more than that.  Thank you for that, Judy! I really needed that reminder.  This is why I love the running community.

Did you get a warm up in your area? Did you do something fun?

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