have you ever fallen out of love with running?


I have not blogged about running in what seems like FOREVER.  The last time we spoke, I was training for the half marathon in Tromso, Norway.  And I still am-- however, training has not been as good as I would like.  Towards the beginning of March, I got really tired.  Everything in my body just ached.  After talking to a few running friends, they suspected over training.  So at their suggestion I took about 4 days of rest and it was amazing what those four days did.  And I was back on track with my training.

Then a health scare.  Towards the end of March, I was taking a shower and started touching under my right armpit on a spot that had been sore for a few days now.  As I touched around I felt some nodules that felt like little lentils.  I made an appointment to see my doctor the next day, and she felt I needed a diagnostic mammogram because the nodules were in the lymph nodes area and seemed to be spreading towards my breast. And I felt a chill all over my body when she said that. 

Next day, I went and they did two diagnostic mammograms and an ultrasound.  And the results were in-- the lymph nodes were a bit inflamed but there was nothing suspicious there.  I literally started crying with joy.  All the way to the hospital I remember talking to God and saying:

God, if this is what the doc thinks it is, please cancel that, because after dad’s death 5 years ago— this would crush my mom and brother. But if your will is that this happens, then give us strength and courage. And use this for your Glory. Let me be an example that even in these moments, my faith will never leave you.

But that week really took a toll on me emotionally, and set me back.  Now here I am struggling with this training.  Honestly, I am not feeling the running right now. It is just a struggle to get out and get running.  I am sure the fact that we have an eternal winter, is not helping either.  Here I am, 10 weeks from my first half marathon and I feel lost. Ugh.

What do you do when you are just not motivated--emotionally or physically-- to go running? Any advise?

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