The 10 best no-bake desserts for the holiday season

We select great no-bake treats that require minimal effort and bring a wonderful candy experience.

In many households, Boxing Day is the day when only the last pieces of dry bread remain and after the creamy desserts, only empty trays remain.

But after all that baking throughout Advent, none of us have the strength or desire to bake anymore.

But sweets simply belong to holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That’s why, on this critical day, we’re highlighting tried-and-true recipes for no-bake holiday treats.

They still require a certain enthusiasm, but they no longer require weighing and precision. Here! We chose these ten:

Coffees: beautifully shaped coffee beans certainly belong to one of the most delicious desserts made from ground biscuits.

A traditional unbaked dessert.

Shuhajdy: the best thing about šuhajda is that you can make them with your favorite filling of walnuts, peanut butter, coconut, pudding or, as in this recipe, caramel salt.

Unbaked balls: great nut balls covered in cinnamon and vanilla sugar.

A simple recipe for no-bake walnut balls.

Ferrero: other balls inspired by the popular design, which are wrapped in golden cellophane. Hum!

Homemade hazelnut chocolate balls…

Roe back: excellent unbaked bread made from biscuits, cocoa and nuts.

An unbaked classic (not only) for Christmas…

Grids: cake wafers layered with caramel-walnut filling.

These grills are a Christmas must-have, a favorite with young and old alike. Undemanding…

Cream without baking: the bodies will replace the popular, nostalgic biscuits, the filling will be cooked from pudding and mixed with butter. Freezing in the cold takes care of the rest.

Unbaked roll: coffee-cocoa body and aromatic coconut filling. All without baking.

Nut escapes: nutty dough and butter filling (both generously served with eggnog) in the shape of beautiful beehives.

A great simple treat this holiday season for young and old alike.

Pudding slices: a great layered dessert of butter and cocoa cookies with chocolate pudding cream and sour cream.

Pudding has a really versatile use, so we also make this cake at home:

And ten more!

10 of our most popular no-bake desserts and their easy preparation.

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Written: 26/12/2021

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