The most popular and famous chicken recipes in one place. Number 3 is our FAVORITE!

A list of the tastiest and most popular chicken recipes from around the world.

If we were to do a poll on the most popular type of meat, chicken would definitely win. Its great advantage is quick preparation. In addition, you can cook it in many interesting ways that will inspire you all over the world. We have selected for you the best recipes for chicken meat from various corners of the world. You are guaranteed to choose.

1. Slovakia – Baked or fried chicken

Sunday lunches in Slovakia are often characterized by classics. If we don’t hear the sound of freshly fried steaks on the table, then it’s most likely roast chicken. In addition to classic baking with a slice of butter, we prepare several other alternatives. Sprinkling with milk will give it a nicer color. Herbs give it a great taste and aroma, and if you add vegetables, onions or sauerkraut, you have a ready-made side dish. This is a recipe that you can prepare once or twice with ingredients that you are guaranteed to have at home:

A simple and quick meal made from ingredients we always have at home. These chicken breasts will make you…

Stuffed chicken, which you can prepare in different ways, is also great. Fried chicken is very popular right after baked chicken. It is important to fry it slowly, so that it remains juicy and very soft.

Try this great recipe for stuffed chicken breast with spinach and cheese in a crispy wrap:

One of the ways to prepare very tasty chicken breasts👍 They are amazingly delicious…

2. Greece – Chicken Suvlaki

Originally, souvlaki was made from lamb or pork. But now the chicken version is becoming more and more popular. It is mostly prepared from the breast, which is cut into small thin slices. You stick them tightly together on a skewer that you previously dipped in oil so that the chicken doesn’t stick to it.


Then marinate the meat in lemon juice and herbs. The next day, grill and serve with dressing.

3. India – Butter chicken

Butter chicken is typical of India. It is prepared with a spicy sauce and served with rice or pita bread, which softens the hot taste. In the first step, marinating the meat is very important, which should last all night. Minced chicken breasts are mixed with lemon juice, a mixture of spices, salt, yogurt and garlic. The next day it is strained and fried in butter.

Then other condiments are added such as ginger, onion, cream, chili or pressure. Cook until the meat is tender and a thick sauce forms. Here you will find the exact list of ingredients and the procedure:

Spices, butter and cream turn ordinary chicken into one of the best…

4. Mexico – Baked chicken with chili and rice

They also have roast chicken in Mexico, but they prepare it in a completely different way. At first, it is marinated in a spicy marinade. It is prepared from oil, fresh coriander, oregano, oil and hot chili pepper. Cover the sliced ​​meat thoroughly in it and first fry it briskly in a pan. Then transfer it to a baking tray and finish baking it. Boil the rice, mix it with beans, spring onions and fresh herbs. Place the side dish on the bottom of the plate, place the chicken on top and serve with sour cream.

Here you will find the exact list of ingredients and the procedure:

5. Italy – Slow cooked chicken

In Italy, they love slow-cooked food, which has more pronounced flavors as a result. Chicken is also prepared in this way, first cut it into smaller pieces. Place the ingredients for the sauce in the baking dish.

Slow cooked chicken with tomatoes, peppers, carrots and mushrooms


Mix the canned tomatoes, tomato juice, chopped garlic, broth, chili, onion and various herbs, and then dilute with the broth. Dip the meat in it, cover with a lid and cook slowly in the oven. Finally, take out the chicken and boil the sauce to make it thicker. At the end, mix it and you can serve.

6. Asia – Chinese Spicy Chicken

Throughout Asia, spicy chicken is prepared in different ways. The marinades can be different, the important thing is to keep the crispiness of the skin.

Make a dough from flour, water and salt. The best are wings that you coat in cornstarch, then dip in batter and fry. Meanwhile, prepare a sauce of vinegar, honey, soy sauce, spice paste and garlic. Boil it for some time and soak the meat in it. Finally stir the chicken and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Try to prepare this simple recipe according to the video:

7. Brazil – Chicken croquettes

In Brazil they like a dish made from leftover cooked meat. So are Brazilian chicken croquettes. So if you make Sunday broth, peel the chicken the next day and prepare the batter. This is made from butter, flour, milk and a little broth. Mix it and prepare the base for the croquettes.

Brazilian chicken croquettes


Meanwhile, fry the meat in a pan together with garlic, onion, ground pepper and herbs. Finally, add the cream cheese and mix. Take a piece of the dough, shape it into a patty, and put in some filling. Make a croquette out of it, which you cover with egg and panko breadcrumbs. Now you can fry it in hot oil.

8. France – Rooster on wine

As the name suggests, the original recipe is made with chicken. Over time, however, it began to be cooked from more readily available chicken. Slow cooking is again the basis of this French delicacy. Cut the root vegetables into cubes and soak them in red wine for a day along with the portioned meat. Fry the bacon in butter, add the meat and fry it quickly. Take it out, add mushrooms, vegetables and pressure. Then return the meat with the spices and cover with wine. Now cook slowly until the meat is completely tender. Serve with boiled potatoes.

You can find the full recipe and ingredient list here:

9. Spain – Smoked chicken

The excellent taste of Spanish chicken is ensured by smoked ground paprika. Cover the meat in it, salt it and sprinkle it with black pepper.

Smoked chicken


Fry it in oil and transfer it to the baking tray. Bake it in the oven with chopped canned tomatoes, mushrooms and broth. When the chicken is completely tender, cook the sauce until completely tender and pour it over the meat when serving.

Did we inspire you? And as a bonus, we offer you delicious and juicy chicken breasts, which we stuffed with the most popular fillings:

Chicken rolls stuffed with broccoli and cheese in a crispy three-pack

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